22 Apr 2024

The new frontiers of textiles: innovations and impacts

Emerging textile technologies

Technological progress has always played a key role in the evolution of textiles, but never before has innovation, driven by the global urgency for sustainability and efficiency, been so focused on solutions that combine advanced performance with a new concept of materials. At Fulgar, we invest in research and development to create revolutionary solutions capable of providing effective answers to the demands of a constantly evolving market.

technological progress in textiles

Innovation in textile materials

We focus on innovation in textile materials, creating innovative and more sustainable yarns to improve their quality, functionality and performance. Our strength lies in combining innovation and modern technology with Italian tradition, always focusing on quality, innovation, creativity and respect for the environment. We offer yarns that can be used in a wide range of sectors, from hosiery to sportswear and underwear, each with its own characteristics and advantages.

We have created exclusive yarns that are among the most important innovations in the field of textile materials:


EVO® by Fulgar: a bio-based breakthrough

EVO® by Fulgar is not just an innovative eco-fibre, it is a revolution in the concept of textile materials: this 100% bio-based fibre, derived from castor beans and maize waste, combines a reduced environmental footprint with superior performance in terms of lightness, strength and comfort, marking a decisive step towards a more responsible and innovative textile industry.

Q-CYCLE by Fulgar®: sustainable innovation through regeneration

Q-CYCLE by Fulgar® represents a significant step towards sustainability in the world of textiles. This polyamide 6.6 yarn is the result of an innovative process that uses end-of-life tyres and turns them into a valuable resource instead of waste. Thanks to BASF's ChemCycling™ project and Fulgar's textile expertise, used tyres are converted into oil by pyrolysis, which completely replaces the fossil raw materials traditionally used in the production of polyamide.

Nanofibre by Fulgar: surpassing traditional microfibres

Nanofibre by Fulgar is an important milestone in the textile sector, offering a fibre with extremely small diameter filaments: a count to width ratio of up to 0.52 dtex per filament. This makes it possible to produce fabrics with exceptional softness, breathability and lightness, expanding the creative and technical possibilities of textile design.


Emana by Fulgar®: the smart yarn with infrared technology

Emana by Fulgar® is not just an advanced yarn, it is a frontier of textile technology that integrates science into the art of fabric production. This intelligent yarn has the ability to absorb the heat emitted by the human body and return it to the skin in the form of far infrared radiation (FIR). This process not only increases overall well-being, but also makes EMANA garments extremely functional and high-performance.

Q-SKIN®: Advances in textile comfort

Q-SKIN® by Fulgar is a pioneering solution for textile comfort and hygiene. Thanks to the incorporation of silver ions, this fibre reduces the formation of odours, offers long-lasting freshness and significantly improves the quality of life of those who wear garments made with this innovative technology.


Towards a change in textile design

Only the introduction of innovative and revolutionary yarns can trigger a significant change in textile design, encouraging designers to rethink not only the aesthetics but also the functionality and environmental impact of their products.

These advanced materials offer new creative possibilities, enabling the creation of lighter, stronger and more breathable fabrics, which in turn can improve the comfort and well-being of the end user. With EVO®, designers have the opportunity to work with an eco-friendly fibre without compromising performance; Q-CYCLE® underlines the commitment to reducing the environmental footprint of the textile industry; Nanofibre paves the way for fabrics of unprecedented softness and lightness; Emana transforms garments into active tools for physical well-being and Q-SKIN® introduces a new dimension of long-lasting freshness.

Each of these yarns represents a small change in textile design, starting a sustainable and innovative revolution. Discover how Fulgar can transform your designs: contact us and be part of this evolution.