20 Mar 2024

Towards an increasingly sustainable textile industry with the BeSo® RESPONSIBLE project by CHT

Made using Q-CYCLE® yarn by Fulgar

The partnership between CHT – the leading company in the chemical products industry – and Fulgar, a global producer of man-made fibre, has confirmed their status as members of a strategic union that can develop pioneering, responsible solutions for the textile industry, with the primary aim of helping companies achieve their sustainability objectives. This highly successful collaboration, presented during Performance Days, the Munich fair dedicated to the world of textiles, combines the abilities of two global leaders that are poised to revolutionise the textile supply chain. In particular, CHT’s BeSo®RESPONSIBLE project is based on more efficient resource use in order to improve the textile dyeing process. It provides a solution that can easily be adapted to every company’s requirements, ensuring lower resource use. 

To be specific, the BeSo®RESPONSIBLE SHORTCUT process is an innovative approach to dyeing for Q-CYCLE® yarn by Fulgar, efficiently combining dyeing and fixing (post-treatment) in a single cycle, generating significant savings in time, water and energy. The process involves the use of SARABID IPM levelling agent and the PAFIX SBS post-treatment by CHT. Depending on the colour shade, then, the SHORTCUT process can be optimised to obtain maximum savings, eliminating the supplementary post-treatment stage. The application of BEMACID acid colourants by CHT, like BEMACID N-TF or BEMACID F-T, further improves development, offering high colour solidity and contributing to greater overall quality and duration of the dyed yarn. 

Q-CYCLE® by FULGAR isa 100% recycled polyamide fibre based on a mass balance approach monitored by third parties. The fibre, produced without the use of virgin raw materials obtained from crude oil, is the result of an innovative chemical recycling technology where the raw material required for the production of the yarn is replaced by pyrolysis oil from end-of-life tyres. This makes it possible to make reductions of up to 50% of CO2 during production of the yarn. The application of CHT’s SHORTCUT process to Q-CYCLE® by Fulgar aims to offer the functional and aesthetic advantages of quality, performance and comfort of products made using virgin polyamide, but with a green plus. 

With the "Best Solution", or BeSo®, concept, the CHT Group offers a range of ultra-modern solutions that give fabrics high-performance properties. These innovative solutions have been developed for a wider range of materials, according to the field of application. Their method of use can also be configured and combined in different ways to fulfil the most demanding requirements in terms of performance and sustainability. Collaboration with CHT & Fulgar offers companies the opportunity to achieve high quality standards while also supporting their sustainability strategy.



Towards an increasingly sustainable textile industry with the BeSo® RESPONSIBLE project by CHT