28 Feb 2023


What is Fulgar Nanofibre?
Nanofibra by Fulgar is an innovative yarn produced by FULGAR, which is composed of a high number of filaments with a diameter of 7 microns, against the 15-20 microns of most multifilament and microfilament Nylon yarns. This new yarn makes it possible to create fabrics with a precious soft hand and a silky appearance, without renouncing the mechanical characteristics and resistance to abrasion typical of fabrics made with traditional multifilament yarn. Fulgar's Nanofiber fabrics guarantee exceptional moisture transport
on the outside and a significantly higher drying speed than that of microfibre fabrics.

What are the main advantages of this product?
Fulgar has developed an ultra-thin filament yarn without compromising lightfastness and washing resistance while maintaining excellent abrasion resistance. Nanofibra by Fulgar has a much higher covering power than traditional microfibre, in essence with the use of Nanofibra by Fulgar it is possible to obtain garments with a lower weight, but with a higher covering power with the same construction of the garment. Furthermore, the incredible number of filaments that make up Fulgar's Nanofibre allow for rapid transport of body moisture outwards.

Nanofibra by Fulgar represents the new frontier for fabrics for fashion, sportswear, underwear and bathroom and is used in all:
- Women's hosiery
- Seamless
- Circular and Warp knitwear
- Weaving
- Ribbons

How can I buy Nanofibra by Fulgar?
Fulgar Nanofibre yarn can be purchased in different processes:
- Flat
- Textured
- Recovered with LYCRA®
- Mélnage with other fiber for different effects
- Air textured
Currently Nanofibra by Fulgar has been developed in the counts :
- 11/17 dtex
- 22/40 dtex
- 50/96 dtex

Are there any specifications for using the logo?
Yes, there are. The use of the logo is regulated through the appropriate request form - NANOFIBRA by Fulgar is a trade name and is categorized as microfibre.