Recycled Nylon - Q-NOVA® by Fulgar

Recycled Nylon - Q-NOVA® by Fulgar

What is Q-NOVA®?
Q-NOVA® is an environmentally-sustainable recycled Nylon 6.6 fibre obtained from regenerated raw materials in accordance with present-day traceability criteria and

What is Q-NOVA® made from?
Q-NOVA® is made from waste materials coming from the company's main production cycle. These materials could not have been reused in any other way and would have otherwise
been disposed of as external waste.

Is Q-NOVA® recycled sustainably?
Yes, Q-NOVA® utilises the innovative MCS process - a locally-based mechanical regeneration system which does not involve using chemical materials which would detract from the sustainability of the end product.

What percentage is there of recycled materials?
More than 50% of Q-NOVA® fibre comes from recycled materials.

Is Q-NOVA® certified?
Yes, Q-NOVA® is certified and traced by the Global Recycle Standard system, the European ECOLABEL EU system and by the OEKO-TEX STD 100 CLASS I system. All these certifications vouch for the integrity of the fibre.

Does an environmental impact study exist?
Yes, the benefits deriving from lower emissions and reduced water consumption were measured according to the European method LCA - ISO 14040 and ISO 14044. 

How is it specified on the label?
Q-NOVA® falls under the polyamide (PA) goods class. If desired, the fact that Q-NOVA® is made using recycled fibres and/or its performance can be mentioned on the packaging and on any informative material. It is necessary to indicate the relevant % and the product’s commercial name. E.g. This garment contains the Q-NOVA® recycled fibre.

Are there any specifications regarding the use of the logo?
Yes, there are some specifications. Use of the logo is governed through the relevant request form.

Are there any tags?
Yes, it is possible to request tags through the brand usage request form


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