Bio-based fiber - EVO®

Bio-based fiber - EVO®

What is EVO®?
Fulgar introduces a new way of producing fibres to interpret the needs and values of today's society, creating a perfect synthesis of performance and environmental awareness. Years of research into the highest engineering standards - in a manufacturing, environmental and social context - have led to the development of ‘EVO® by Fulgar’, a unique product, bio-based innovative fibre that's set to revolutionize the sector.

What does BIO-BASED mean?
Officially a final product or plastic to be called bio-based must contain at least 20% renewable carbon content. This renewable carbon content is derived from plant or organic matter such as specially cultivated energy crops.

What is EVO® made of?
The biomass source is castor bean, Ricinus Communis. The monomers used in the polymerization are partially or completely sourced from castor oil.

What are the main properties of EVO®?
Suitable for all textile applications and an ideal solution for the sportswear world, EVO® by Fulgar is ultra-light, super stretch and extremely breathable. It's also quickdrying, non-iron and offers natural thermal and bacteriostatic properties. These distinctive values and benefits ensure maximum comfort and unmatched performance,
while retaining an intense eco-awareness.

Is EVO® certified?
Yes, EVO® is certified DIN CERTCO system and by the OEKO-TEX STD 100 CLASS I system. All these certifications vouch for the integrity of the fibre.

How is it specified on the label?
EVO® falls under the polyamide (PA) goods class. If desired, the fact that EVO® is made using BIO-BASED fibres and/or its performance can be mentioned on thepackaging and on any informative material. It is necessary to indicate the relevant % and the product’s commercial name. E.g. This garment contains the EVO® fibre.

Are there any specifications regarding the use of the logo?
Yes, there are some specifications. Use of the logo is governed through the relevant request form.

Are there any tags?
Yes, it is possible to request tags through the brand usage request form.


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