01 Mar 2023


What is EVO®?
By interpreting the needs and values of modern society, Fulgar inaugurates a new way of making yarns, a perfect synthesis between performance and the environment.
After years of research and study of the highest engineering standards - at a production level but also at an environmental and social level - 'EVO® by Fulgar' was born: an innovative high-performance yarn unique in its kind - of BIO-BASED derivation - which aims to revolutionize the sector.


What does polymers of Bio-Based origin mean?
Officially, a manufactured article or a plastic product to be considered of bio-based origin must contain at least 30% renewable carbon content. This "renewable carbon content" comes from plants or organic materials from specially grown crops.

What is EVO® made of?
The biomass from which EVO® originates is the castor bean, called "Ricinus Communis". The monomers used in the polymerization process are partially or totally derived from castor oil.

Does EVO® affect the food chain?
The biopolymer at the base of EVO® by Fulgar has no repercussions on the human and animal food chain, unlike many other bio-based polymers that use natural products intended for the agri-food sector.

What are the properties of EVO®?
Suitable for any textile application, it is ideal for the world of sportswear, underwear and outerwear. EVO® by Fulgar is ultra-light, super stretch, highly breathable, dries quickly and does not request ironing, has natural thermal and odor free properties: a whole series of distinctive values and pluses that guarantee maximum comfort and unique performance, in the full respect for nature. The properties mentioned always refer to the fiber and not to the finished garment.

Is EVO® certified?
Yes, EVO® is DIN CERTCO certified according to the ASTM D6866:2012-01 R.N° 8C096 method. The EVO® product is accredited according to the international study LCA - ISO 14040 and ISO 14044, as well as certified OEKO-TEX STD 100 CLASS I


How is it indicated on the label?
EVO® falls within the Polyamide (PA) product class. On the packaging or on any informative material, if you wish you can mention the bio-based characteristic and/or the performances. It is necessary to indicate the % and the commercial name of the product. Eg. This garment contains the bio-based EVO® fiber with quick-drying and odor control properties. EVO® fiber is DIN CERTCO certified.

Are there any specifications for using the logo?
Yes, there are. The use of the logo is regulated through the specific request form.

Are there any tags?
Yes, it is possible to request tags using the trademark use request form.