Polyamide 6,6 POY yarns

Partially Oriented Yarn, commonly called as POY, is the primary form of Polyamide yarn and also known as Pre-Oriented Yarn. It is the first form of yarn made directly from polyammide polymers when POY bobbins are not ready yet for being used in fabrics machines but must still be submitted to a texturization or drawing processes.

Polyamide 6,6 POY yarns


POY yarns are obtained by melting the original polymer in an inert atmosphere after which they are cooled and solidified. The resulting yarn is wound around a distaff or reel, ready to be used for next processing stage.

Polyamide 6,6 POY yarns


POY has a very high elongation capacity and low resistance, since it is not yet a ready yarn. After the following processes good and desired characteristics are reached.

Fulgar POY polyamide is able to produce high resistance yarns allowing producing garments with a longer lifespan.

POY after texturization or drawing is suitable for any technical and industrial usage where excellent uniformity and dimensional stability are required.