Fulgar – a centre of Made in Italy excellence and leader in the manufacture  of high-performance man-made and ecological yarns – once again asserts its role at the forefront of high-tech green developments in the fashion textile world with a new project inspired and promoted  by the company and implemented in collaboration with NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti (New Fine Arts Academy).

An experienced innovation incubator in the context of ecological developments, the company presents and promotes FUTURE/Lab, a special sustainable supply chain project interpreted by 10 young talents,  all third-year students of the NABA three-year Fashion Design diploma.  

For this initiative Fulgar has asked the young stylists to choose fabrics exclusively from Italian companies that belong to the sustainable supply chain, produced using ecological yarns from Fulgar’s green portfolio. 

The fabrics the young people chose are by iLuna, Gipitex, Pontetorto, Luxury Jersey, Maglificio Alto Milanese, Olmetex, Albini Group (Albiate), Jackytex, Arpatex and Limonta, with technical support from Thermore, Framis Italia, Omega Filati, and Nyguard Not Just Any Zipper.

The NABA project will be the first to be included in FUTURE/Lab, a virtual platform for ecological best practice. This will feature the stories of the young stylists, the most virtuous producers and the brands that collaborate with Fulgar on shared projects  to promote sustainable, measurable development.

The project will be presented before the end of the year in the context of a series dedicated to sustainability, and will also have extensive visibility on the site and Fulgar’s social profiles in the special FUTURE/Lab section. 

For more than ten years Fulgar has been committed to sustainability with a corporate green programme and an entire portfolio of ecological products used for the project, especially EVO®, the bio-based yarn made from castor oil, Q-NOVA®, the eco-friendly yarn obtained from regenerated raw materials and the biodegradable AMNI SOUL ECO® yarn.

“We believe it is crucial for a greener future to place training young designers at the heart of Italy’s Fashion System, and with this initiative in collaboration with NABA, Fulgar is taking on the responsibility of promoting the training of these talented young individuals, assisting them not only in selection, but also in their research into sustainable yarn and materials for their creation”, says  Alan Garosi, Marketing Manager for Fulgar.

“NABA is proud to offer its students important opportunities to raise their profile. This project enables them to display their talent and put their creativity to the test, says Colomba Leddi, Fashion Design Area Leader. “Our strategy is based on a multi-disciplinary approach combined with a learning-by-doing methodology that aims to give our students the chance to work in the field and develop problem-solving abilities and practical design skills. Above all, FUTURE/Lab has provided a wonderful work opportunity, emphasising two increasingly important aspects of creative thought – innovation and sustainability”.

See you soon October 2020