07 May 2024


The innovative yarn has been awarded Textile Exchange’s Recycled Claim Standard certification.

Now Fulgar’s Q-CYCLE® yarn offers even greater reliability, as it has been awarded RCS by TEXTILE EXCHANGE certification. The Recycled Claim Standard is a certification promoted by Textile Exchange, one of the most important international no-profit organisations in the field of responsible and sustainable development in the textile industry. The standard recognises the importance of recycling for the development of a sustainable production and consumption model with the aim of obtaining a reduction in the consumption of resources (virgin raw materials, water and energy). The RCS standard includes the release of an environmental declaration, verified by a third party, that certifies the use of recycled materials in intermediate and finished products and the maintenance of traceability of recycled materials throughout the entire production process, from the successive manufacturing stages to final product labelling. RCS refers to the ISO 14021 international standard defining recycled content. 

Now Q-CYCLE® by Fulgar and the entire 100% European upstream textile supply chain has obtained this important certification. In the words of Alan Garosi, Fulgar’s Head of Marketing: “This certification enables us to offer the market even greater safety and reliability in a 100% recycled yarn manufactured using a single monitored and traced production process. It was based on a concerted team effort involving several European partners. Our company is increasingly able to present itself as a benchmark organisation in the garment textile market, giving the brands that embrace our philosophy the opportunity - not to be taken for granted – to establish a genuinely low environmental impact European supply chain”. 

Q-CYCLE® by Fulgar is a polyamide 6.6 yarn where 100% of the raw material used in its production is replaced by pyrolysis oil from end-of-life or decommissioned tyres and produced in line with the principles of mass balance. This polyamide offers the same functional quality and process benefits of a virgin polyamide 6.6 (light weight, strength and resistance) but in a more sustainable and accessible form. This revolutionary yarn is the ideal solution for a huge range of textile applications, is easily worked and combines perfectly with other yarns. 

Q-CYCLE® by Fulgar has already obtained ISCC PLUS, which guarantees sustainability, traceability and mass balance on a global level for the entire production system. This certification is complemented by the LCA supply chain environmental impact study (Life Cycle Assessment). The yarn also fulfils the requirements of Oeko-TEX STD CLASS I STD 100 Appendix 6 certification

To celebrate its achievement of this significant objective Fulgar has produced a video highlighting its Q-CYCLE® yarn, presenting a higher-impact description of the technology’s main features: