Serates materia™, the hi-tech fabric collection from Serates, presents the PLU-MAT line of extremely fine, ultralight latest-generation fabrics that embody the select image that is the hallmark of the Italian sartorial tradition.

Developed using one of Fulgar's hi-tech fibres - its Nanofibra - the new PLU-MAT fabrics by Serates are a combination of high technical performance, light weight and pleasant feel. The latest breakthrough in nylon 6/6, designed by Fulgar's laboratories in Italy, Nanofibra makes it possible to create fabrics with an incredibly soft hand and silky look.  Made using thread with a diameter of 7 microns, Nanofibra by Fulgar offers extreme lightness and high opacity without compromising on the abrasion resistance properties typical of fabrics made with traditional multifilament yarns. The fabrics in the new PLU-MAT line are dyed and finished using a low-temperature process developed by Serates to create a unique, sustainable cloth. 


A special production cycle makes PLU-MAT fabrics a highly-effective barrier to the passage of air - this, and their excellent tolerance of the down injection process make them the ideal solution for ultralight padded jackets with a silky look.

The outstanding wind-resistance and breathability offered by the new Serates fabrics mean they are perfect for unlined garments to fold and slip into a pocket. 

Main features:

  • Ultralight 41 g/sq.m
  • Fine feel
  • Windproof properties
  • Anti-feather properties 



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