Fulgar, Italy’s leading international producer of man-made fibres, is once again working side by side with Eco-designer Tiziano Guardini with its green EVO® and Q-NOVA® products. The company returns to the Milan Fashion Week 2018 with Tiziano’s new “Sustainable Kit” collection, a refined, totally green offer where fashion and nature forge a new harmony and balance. 

The “Sustainable Kit” collection presents a range of garments made using Fulgar’s innovative green fibres:

- Unisex polo made with EVO®

- Dress polo made with Q-NOVA®

- Women’s swimwear made with Q-NOVA®

- Men’s swimwear made with EVO®

- Lace beach robe  made with Q-NOVA®

- Shoes with futuristic appeal and seamless uppers made entirely with EVO®


The collaboration between Fulgar and Tiziano Guardini goes from strength to strength. After the inclusion of key accessories made using bio-based EVO® fibre by Fulgar in the collections displayed at MFW 2018 and Pitti Uomo 94, the collaboration has now widened its scope to include entire outfits created using Fulgar’s cutting-edge green fibres.  

“We’re pleased that Tiziano has once again chosen to work with us by choosing our Q-NOVA® and EVO® fibres for some of the items in his collection”, says Fulgar’s Marketing Manager Alan Garosi. “We hope this partnership endures and continues to work towards our shared objective of increasingly sustainable fashion”.

“Succeeding in creating an entire collection of totally sustainable designs is an extremely important objective for the fashion industry”, says Tiziano Guardini. “I’m very grateful to companies like Fulgar for their constant investment this initiative. It’s crucial that we all, individuals and companies alike, play our part”.

An African folk tale tells that one day a huge fire broke out in the forest, and all the animals took flight in an effort to escape the flames. All except one, a hummingbird. The hummingbird took a drop of water from a pool and let it fall onto the fire, then returned to pick up another. The lion stopped him and asked “What do you think you’re doing? You’re tiny!” Before returning to the flames, the hummingbird stopped and said, “I’m playing my part”. So thank you to Fulgar and all those who are playing their part, too”.

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