Our TASLAN fibres are a range of polyamide 6.6 yarns which have similar properties to cotton whilst retaining all the technical properties of synthetic fibres. TASLAN is the ideal choice for garments in the athletic and leisurewear range.

cotton touch COTTON TOUCH

This fibre undergoes a special processing technique which provides garments with an irresistible soft touch and a natural look.


Fabrics made from TASLAN are much quicker drying than cotton, meaning the skin stays fresh and dry *UNI EN ISO 62.


TASLAN ensures high levels of elasticity and a superior fit, yet offers the same comfort level as cotton clothing. 


TASLAN very rapidly conveys body moisture from the skin to the exterior, giving a sensation of wellbeing.

TASLAN with FREEF!T® technology by LYCRA®


Knitwear and fabrics crafted with FREEF!T® technology by LYCRA® are lightweight and breathable. The small amount of LYCRA® fibre, which varies between 3 and 12%, means that comfort levels are kept high whilst the TASLAN brings out its soft texture and cottony feel.



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