NYCELL is an extremely innovative fibre which was created from a combination of a Fulgar polyamide, or more precisely a Nanofibre, and Asahi Kasei's Cupro fibre. The high performance of the Nanofibre and the beauty of Cupro, which draws its origins from cotton, gives us this unique yarn which enables us to improve and maximise on a variety of qualities including softness, lightweight and moisture wicking.

soft touch SOFTNESS​

Garments made with this modern technique, which blends different kinds of fibres like Cupro® together, are incredibly comfortable and feel extremely soft against the body.


Fulgar's innovative Nanofibre makes the fabrics lightweight and gives a silky look which is a definite advantage for increasingly avant-garde garments.


NY+CU endows garments with extraordinary moisture wicking properties, meaning that the wearer benefits from high comfort levels and a sensation of wellbeing.


Fresh, Dry, Comfort, Stretch, Eco, Lightness
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