LYCRA® elastic fibre has revolutionized the women’s wardrobe by changing clothing habits forever and distinguishing the modern way to dress. It was one of the first innovations to introduce the concept of comfort, wearability and freedom of movement.


  • LYCRA® fibre can be stretched up to seven times its original length without breaking.
  • Once stretched, LYCRA® fibre returns immediately to its original length – over and over again.
  • Long-lasting elasticity.
  • LYCRA® fibre is never used alone. It is used in all types of fabrics and blended with man-made or natural fibres.
  • It is invisible and doesn’t change the external appearance of the fabric.
  • Easy care: Garments with LYCRA® fibre do not need special maintenance.

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LYCRALogo_flatT400® technology from LYCRA®

LYCRA® T400® technology provides excellent performance in terms of durability and shape retention, allowing for the creation of softer and more elastic clothing that follows the body's movements. Thanks to the special features of this technology, the resulting fabrics have excellent properties. The elasticised denim, for example, is now more resistant to washing and bleaching than ever before.



Thanks to the LYCRA® SPORT fibre, clothes can now be designed to follow and support the body's movements in any situation. The distinctive characteristics of this fibre are elasticity, shape retention and compression. These are excellent properties for sportswear, providing scope for physical activity without compromising on comfort.



This is the avant-garde fibre ingredient for the swimwear sector. Thanks to its unique performance, it has rapidly become the standard for excellence in the marketplace, quickly earning the trust of the best fabric manufacturers and brands. LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ provides improved resistance to the damaging effects of external agents such as chlorine, sun creams, oils and heat.


Designed for the latest generation of shapewear, LYCRA® BEAUTY allows you to make swimming costumes that shape curves allowing maximum comfort, while meeting the demands of women who want to look just perfect on the beach. A strategic ingredient used in the most innovative beachwear collections.


lifeFUSION technology from LYCRA®

FUSION technology from LYCRA® is dedicated to the world of hosiery. It is designed to provide even higher levels of product quality. This extraordinarily innovative fibre offers even greater strength for stockings and tights, which will not ladder even when pierced, avoiding unpleasant surprises and offering women greater confidence.


Designed as a result of INVISTA's investment in research and development, the LYCRA® BEAUTY fibre has been successfully employed in the world of high-performance hosiery. The fibre's Science of Shaping™ allows you to create shapewear that supports the legs in every movement, without compromising on the very best in comfort.

   LYCRALogo_flatXCEPTIONELLE technology from LYCRA®

XCEPTIONELLE technology from LYCRA® satisfies the needs of plus-size consumers looking for non-constricting stockings and tights that are beautiful to look at and pleasant to wear. The combination of this exclusive technology and LYCRA® fibre allows you to make clothes with no stitching on the brief and crotch areas, offering greater strength and comfort. A unique and high-quality product, designed especially for a niche segment experiencing strong growth.


    LYCRALogo_flat BLACK technology from LYCRA®

Designed by INVISTA to ensure an extraordinary level of blackness, BLACK technology from LYCRA® allows you to make intensely black clothes providing greater resistance to external agents and fading.

lycrafreshFX® technology from LYCRA®

Fabrics certified with freshFX® technology from LYCRA® are pleasant and extremely soft to the touch. Even in nylon fabrics, the combination of freshFX® and LYCRA® fibres provides perfect breathability, allowing humidity to evaporate towards the outside.


Designed for avant-garde shapewear, the LYCRA® BEAUTY fibre sets apart fabrics developed for lingerie, in which the science of shaping is strategic in offering a silhouette-enhancing effect without compromising on comfort. This technology was developed to satisfy the increasing demand for a product that supports the body and shapes curves without compromising freedom of movement. This is an innovative solution able to meet the growing expectations of today's consumers.




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