FOY - FULL ORIENTED YARN - is a smooth polyamide yarn manufactured directly on Fulgar's Italian spinning installation using a high-speed process which gives the FOY excellent dimensional stability, a smooth texture and a lustrous look.


FOY has excellent elongation capacities and when the fibre is stretched, it springs back in proportion to the yarn thickness and returns to its original length *UNI EN ISO 2062.

tenacità TENACITY ​ 

Tenacity is a key feature for high-performing hi-tech fabrics and FOY boasts excellent intrinsic tenacity as well as a higher abrasion resistance than conventional smooth yarns *UNI EN ISO 2062.

stabilità dimensionale DIMENSIONAL STABILITY 

FOY is suitable for any technical and industrial usage where excellent uniformity and dimensional stability are required. These are key features for woven and knitted fabrics.


Ready to wear, Workwear


Fresh, Dry, Comfort, Protect, Lightness
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