FULGAR's range of premium covered yarns is amongst the vastest on the market; covered yarns are ideal for fabrics and garments which required a superior appearance and texture.


Single-covered yarns are created by wrapping the Fulgar polyamide around the LYCRA® fibre. The polyamide used can be flat, textured, multifilament or microfilament. The greater the number of coils, the better the quality and performance of the yarn.



Double-covered yarns are created by wrapping two Fulgar polyamide strands around the LYCRA® fibre, one in a clockwise direction and the other in an anticlockwise direction. Flat or textured polyamide yarns can be used to create the double covering. Double-covered yarn is used for the high-end and top-quality clothing, lingerie and hosiery markets.



soft touch TEXTURE​

Depending on the processing technique, covered yarns can either create fabrics with a warm soft texture or a cool silky feel.


LYCRA® fibre covering techniques do not only provide incredible comfort levels, they also give the right degree of stretchiness and ensure the garment keeps its shape.

tenacità RESILIENCE ​

Fulgar polyamide protects the LYCRA® fibre from wear and friction, meaning the garments have a longer lifespan.


Fresh, Dry, Comfort, Stretch, Lightness
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