Initially restricted to hosiery and underwear, the use of seamless technology has gradually extended to other sectors, becoming popular for knitted outerwear, sportswear, beach apparel, fitness items and much more. It is widely used in the underwear sector because it delivers outstanding wearability and comfort levels. Seamless machinery developed from circular-knitting machines and turns out tubular pieces, requiring little else to complete the garment.

The advantages of this technology lie in the absence of garment seams. Indeed, from an aesthetic point of view, it is always preferable not to see unsightly joining lines on a garment. On the other hand, from a practical point of view (even if the item is quite tight when worn) if there are no seams, there is nothing to rub against the skin and cause irritation. Furthermore, the garment is entirely produced on a machine and comes out the other end without almost any need for additional work.

The downside of this type of technology is that, being created on circular-knitting machines, there are limits as to its diameter which cannot be greater than the machine allows. Therefore, once the maximum diameter has been established, only narrower items are possible, such as tights, tank tops and bras.


- Less stitching and fewer finishing costs

- Lower costs for energy consumption

- “Just-in-time” production

- Faster garment sampling

- The possibility of linking one yarn to another without stitching



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