Nanofibra by fulgar

Nanofibra by fulgar

What is Nanofibra by Fulgar?

Nanofibra by Fulgar* is an innovative yarn produced by FULGAR and made up of a high number of filaments measuring approximately 7 microns in diameter as opposed to the 15-20 microns found in most multifilament or microfilament yarns. Fabrics with an incredibly soft texture and a silken appearance can be made from this new yarn without any need to sacrifice the valuable mechanical features and resistance to abrasion so frequently associated with fabrics made from traditional multifilaments. Nanofibra by Fulgar fabrics are particularly efficient in wicking away moisture. They also dry much more quickly than microfibre fabrics do.


What are the main advantages of this product?

Nanofibre by Fulgar have a much lower specific weight than a traditional microfibre, yet they ensure greater covering power than a microfibre. Basically, nanofibres can be used to obtain garments with a lower weight, but with much more covering power for items with the same type of woven structure. In addition, the incredibly high number of filaments used to make Nanofibra means that moisture is rapidly wicked away.


What possible applications are there?

Nanofibra by Fulgar promises to be the new fabric frontier for fashion, sportswear, lingerie and swimwear. It can be used for a host of different purposes:

- Women's hosiery

- Seamless items

- Circular and warp knitwear

- Weaving

- Ribbons


How can Nanofibra by Fulgar be bought?

Nanofibra by Fulgar yarns can be bought in various forms: textured, covered, FDY, Air jet, taslan.

So far Nanofibra has been developed with the following counts: 50/96 dtex, 22/40dtex. 


Have certifications been obtained?

Fulgar's Nanofibra is Oekotex std 100. It is traced by the TFashion system; the company issues REACH & MSDS certifications.


*Nanofibra by fulgar is a trade name and is categorized as a microfiber.


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