2020, November 13


Lucia Grande

Reluctant to pigeonhole her personal fashion concept, Lucia Grande (21 years old and a student in her third year at the Three-year course in Fashion Design at NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti - New Academy of Fine Arts) believes that artistic creation is an ongoing process.

Streetwear is her thing and she uses it to convey her own take on contemporariness. She thinks that fashion should help us to feel part of a group or a member of a tribe, yet at the same time bring out our individuality.

Streetwear is subdivided into multiple stratifications of codes and contents and a designer must always tread carefully so as to avoid stripping it of its meaning.

Over the past few years, sustainability has figured prominently in the press and on social media and this has led many brands to take action and redress this unfortunate situation.

So, Lucia strives not only to be ethically scrupulous in terms of the environment and usage of the resources available to us, but also to rigorously deploy strategies that protect workers and end consumers alike.




EVO® by Fulgar 

The piece of outerwear designed in collaboration with Fulgar is called Pabio - which is also the name of the fabric fibre.

Drawing inspiration from the aesthetic canons of military uniforms, the emerging designer deconstructed the jacket and put it back together in a functional way with a boxy silhouette.

It particularly stands out for the clever cuts which emphasise the main lines and for the front panel which gives the initial impression of being sleeveless, yet sleeves have been inserted in a concealed arm opening.

In keeping with its military inspiration, it scores high in terms of functionality and has a zip fastening at the side and deep comfy pockets.

The front of the garment also bears visible labels which provide information about the fabric used. Thermore padding has been used for the jacket interior, meaning that this part of it is entirely sustainable as well.


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