2020, November 24

Out of her room

Diletta Critelli

Diletta Critelli is a 21-year-old student and currently attending NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti (New Academy of Fine Arts).

Her view of fashion is closely linked to introspection and her collections are a reflection of her personality, her experiences, feelings and landmark occasions in her life; she works hard to convey all of this through an effective style statement. It could be said that her projects and creations encapsulate her ongoing research into her exterior surrounds and inner life and become a means to deliver a very personal message.


It is imperative for the young designer to focus particular attention on sustainability and social morality because she believes that this is a prerequisite in the year 2020.

Her collections take into account both of these vital themes because she knows that individual requirements must be met without ever losing sight of our own responsibility for the environmental resources available to us.

Diletta’s prime focus is upcycling because she fervently believes that discarded fabrics and garments can and should be injected with new life.



Out of her room is the title of the project that the emerging designer implemented in partnership with Fulgar.

The moment we wake up every single day provides the young designer with her inspiration, that part of our routine between the buzz of the alarm clock and the start of our day-to-day activities that fuels her creative process. She particularly focusses on the bedroom.

The bedroom offers an intimate comfortable inviting atmosphere which presents itself to us as a protective cocoon. Bedroom design and décor offers an endless well of inspiration.

The idea was to create a comfortable practical garment that exuded sophisticated simplicity in terms of shape and volume and this was made possible thanks to the fabric produced by ARPATEX made from the regenerated yarn Q-NOVA by Fulgar; the fabric has a 3D texture with a crosswise rib, giving the garment a padded feel with “industrial” overtones; what is more, the sleeves are oversized and as soft as cushions, imbuing this piece of outerwear with outstanding levels of comfort and protection.

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