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2020, November 12

Less is more 

Mar’yana P’yetsukh

Mar’yana P’yetsukh is 21 years old and comes from Ukraine. She has been living in Milan for 11 years and enjoys the design culture so typical of a city which sparked her interest in fashion.

She is currently in her third year of the three-year course in Fashion Design at NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti (New Academy of Fine Arts) and is specialising in knitwear - a great passion of hers.

Her love of knitwear has also kindled an interest in sustainability seen not only in terms of recycling but also as a need to reduce consumption levels. Her attempt to do this latches on to the minimalist school of thought - less is more.

Minimalism, an eschewal of excess and the concept of sustainability can be achieved in structured and unstructured garments, with different innovative looks that are also very easy to wear.




EVO® by Fulgar 

Taking minimalism as a starting point, the emerging designer focussed her efforts on creating a classic yet casual collection which boasts a series of matchable garments.

But there is more. She delved deep into the aesthetic essence of minimalism and played with double-face designs and Scandi style for a metropolitan contemporary vibe.

Her research work reveals her deep bond with nature which translates into pristine lines and a natural monochromatic palette.

In collaboration with Fulgar, this young designer applied herself to creating outerwear, combining shuttle-woven fabrics and embellishments knitted in by hand.

It is worth taking a closer look at the fabric which is produced by a company called Gipitex using a shuttle-weave technique and made entirely with a bio-based EVO yarn by Fulgar®; this material features a balance of 96 strands/centimetre and a customisable jacquard pattern.

Parts of the sleeves have inserts which were hand-knitted from natural yarns provided by a company called Omega filati.

The finished garment offers special performance features such as: a waterproof surface, tonal patterning and different weights according to the area.


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