2020, November 13

Italian Craft 

Pierfrancesco Pierucci

Pierfrancesco Pierrucci is 22 years old and currently in his third year of the three-year course in Fashion Design at NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti (New Academy of Fine Arts).

Involved in the fashion system and the field of sustainability from the very start, he uses them as a mainstay and dual drive for all his collections.

For this designer, the concept of a trend takes its roots in past customs and is updated with a modern spin and a forward-facing design that centres on the circular economy.

Pierfrancesco focuses on recycled/biodegradable materials and expends immense efforts to reduce wastage.

Fashion design must not only be built around these important pillars, but must allow each one of us to express ourselves to the full and assert our individuality.





Carried out in collaboration with Fulgar, the project draws inspiration from the paintings of an Italian artist: Emilio Vedova, a painter who uses his work to give us food for though and sparks debates on social issues.

The abstract painting technique of his pictures formed the inspiration for the textile processing work to be found in his collection.

His ideas are brought to life by means of the Farfalla fabric awash with strong contrasting colours achieved using circular-double-knit techniques and made by ALTO MILANESE; this was the method used to make the street-style trousers.

Some of the dyeing work on this garment was done entirely by hand using thick brush strokes on the reverse side of the material.

This dyeing technique is only possible thanks to the outperforming qualities of the fabric which has two different sides - one has a soft flattish feel achieved by using the biodegradable yarn AMNI SOUL ECO whereas the other side has a sponge-like fleecy texture and comes in natural cotton fibre.

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