Future/LAB by Fulgar Project code: DN-US

2020, November 12


Gianfranco Marraudino

Gianfranco Marraudino is a young designer and currently in his third year of the three-year course in Fashion Design at NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti (New Academy of Fine Arts).

As far as his creative process is concerned, everything begins with social issues and social dynamics.

His fashion aesthetic tries to give a voice to suggestions and ideas that are a response to specific dressing requirements. He has a strong aptitude for menswear and works to achieve the most fluid and eclectic look possible.

Fashion is seen as a declaration of style and awareness of the world that surrounds us and the emerging designer's first concern is to strive for circularity - a cornerstone of the ecological-design philosophy.





Going under the name of DN-US, the project is a take on environmental sustainability which rises in a spiral-like shape. This helix is based on the three-dimensional structure of DNA and the way its various parts can rearrange themselves.

Therefore, it revolves around an idea of a non-stop cyclic pattern which does not only involve the collection, but must be seen to extend to society itself which prompts individuals to gain greater awareness of the consequences of their actions.

Produced by PONTETORTO, the chosen fabrics deliver outstanding performance standards and have been based on circular knitting technology and a biodegradable yarn called AMNI SOUL ECO. The designer drew inspiration from the world of activewear and came up with a two-piece tracksuit for men made up of a long-sleeve top with a raised collar and front-zip closure (the zip is biodegradable and produced by NYGUARD) and some leggings featuring a silhouette constructed with various compression areas.

Futuristic flair and dynamism are the watchwords of this particular style, as evidenced by the contrasting inserts which are a leitmotif for the whole outfit.


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