2020, November 23

Cy Twombly 

Gulia Gadda

Giulia Gadda is 23 years old and currently in her third year at the three-year course in Fashion Design at NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti (New Academy of Fine Arts); the world of art holds a strong attraction for her and this comes through in her fashion collections.

Contemporary artistic trends grow and enhance her projects whilst her passion for costumes (especially period costumes) has forged her individual aesthetic and left a distinctive hallmark.

The designer feels that what was in vogue from the past should be aired and merged with more contemporary looks.

Another of her mainstays is sustainability and she strives to raise consumers’ awareness through her work.

Giulia has understood that the younger generations are increasingly sensitive towards the environment which is why her collections are planet-friendly and pay the utmost attention to material sourcing.



EVO® by Fulgar 

For the project implemented with Fulgar, the emerging designer drew inspiration from a study of two works by Cy Twombly, Untitled (Bolsena) – 1969 and Untitled (No. 53) - 1961.

The main features of these pictures have been reproduced on the embroidered detailing which captures their intrinsic instinctiveness and childlike charm and uses these qualities as pillars on which the design process rests.

Giulia chose a fabric called Chambray Indaco Seed, a denim-chambray canvas manufactured by ALBIATE1830; it is characterised by a distinctive cotton weave and a bio-based EVO yarn by Fulgar which makes for a cool light piece of outerwear which is easy to care for, elasticated and comfortable to wear.

Its silhouette is a clear reference to the iconic Barbour jacket but it has been refreshed with a contemporary feel and features boxy bold lines.


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